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I have been the victim of twitter abuse, and I have reported this fact both to Fort William police and the Scottish Parliament. Some of the abusers are known and some have wisely sought to stay anonymous. However this may not save them from legal consequences.

Yesterday, Alison Saunders, head of the CPS announced that Hate Crime would be a new priority and I welcome that.

Prosecutors will be ordered to treat online hate crime as seriously as offences carried out face to face in plans announced by the director of public prosecutions. Alison Saunders said the Crown Prosecution Service will seek stiffer penalties for abuse on Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms.

Alison Saunders, Director of Public Prosecutions on hate crime

Published on Aug 21, 2017

The CPS describe Hate Crime as including “verbal abuse, intimidation, threats, harassment, assault and bullying” motivated by hostility (There is no legal definition of hostility so the CPS use the everyday understanding of the word which includes ill-will, spite, contempt, prejudice, unfriendliness, antagonism, resentment and dislike).  The law in Scotland is different, but harassment is still harassment, even north of the border.

According to the Herald, “Wings Over Scotland” blogger, Stuart Campbell, was recently arrested. The Herald further reports “Police said the arrest was on suspicion of harassment and malicious communications”. Stuart Campbell reports on his website that none of the tweets were in any way threatening, but as I learned when I visited Fort William police, a campaign of harassment need not be threatening, merely unwanted and unwelcome.

I note with interest that Andy Wightman MSP, who has blogged and tweeted about me and Highland Titles for over two years, appears to have taken a break from using his twitter account. Recently one of the more agressive web sites, which has targeted me and Highland Titles since 2011, was deleted. I welcome this progress. The future will be a better place if the internet is no longer used as a vehicle for the dissemination of lies and harassment.


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  1. You might think that Frances. I couldn’t possibly comment. I think it more likely that Mr W has been on holiday. I doubt that even his lawyers could stop this man tweeting any more than they could stop an addict from smoking crack.

    I draw your attention to a recent Wightman tweet.

    If you are unaware, Dr O’Donoghue is Chief Scientific Adviser to Lynx UK Trust, Wildcat Haven and Wildcat Haven Enterprises as well as a plethora of other advisory roles with other conservation bodies. He is a man of science with an unblemished reputation. If Mr W had any interest in establishing his status with the IUCN Cat Classification Task Force, a letter to them or to Dr O’D would have set his mind at rest. Mr W’s tweet appears to me to be a malicious attempt to sow doubt in the public’s mind about the honesty of Dr O’D by raising the question in a public forum such as Twitter. A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on. The question “Is that true?” implies that Mr W considers that it might very well be untrue. That interpretation is confirmed by the prompt response by a Wightman groupie, John Stoddard, “One can only presume that his qualifications are as genuine as the titles on offer.

    So, not content with defaming Highland Titles Mr W appears to have maliciously attacked Wildcat Haven Enterprises and now cannot resist extending his malice to the Lynx UK Trust.

    Considering the great work Wightman has done by drawing attention to the deficiencies in Scottish landownership and his popularity within the Green movement, it is sad to see him prepared to self destruct in a futile attempt to damage these good causes.

    According to an earlier tweet, Defences closed in mid August which I think means that the waiting will soon be over and Mr W will get his day in court.

    1. Just as an update, I learn that Mr Wightman, rather than look for his day in court to defend his “reputation”, has been involved in delaying tactics; trying, I presume, to put off his inevitable date with justice and the consequences of that event. His court appearance, now looks set to be in 2018. The behaviour of an innocent man? Yet again, I couldn’t possibly comment.

  2. Not at all surpised that Andy’s lawyers have advised him to kill his tweeting habit. he has been telling lies about highland titles for years before he started lying about wildcat haven. This is the first I saw five years ago.

    He jumped into a nice post by Jim Hunter, who obviously was happy with supporting you. He tells a load of lies. That you are a scam. and that you are in Jersey and that you might be making billions. All lies. We all know that this is souvenir land and you say it clearly on your web site. nobody wants to register it. He goes on to say that you are breaking the law when clearly you are not. I think his lawyers said his twitter account was full of defamatory lies and he should stop tweeting before he told any more lies. Good advice. I hope this comes to court this month. i shall be watching. the man is unfit to be an MSP and soon he wont be one.

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